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Searching for relevant listings in Commercial Real Estate can be challenging. Very challenging! There are a few online sites that feature limited Commercial Real Estate opportunities such as  Loopnet and Costar ; both of which provide very few results -unless you’re ready to open your wallet. Unfortunately there aren’t any comprehensive search engines that display all available listings. The truth is that many commercial real estate listings don’t even appear on the internet.

In reality, there are only three ways to search for commercial property listings:

1. Drive around aimlessly in search of “For Sale” and “For Lease” signs. It’s a great way to search if you have a lot of time on your hands and especially if you’re limiting your possibilities to mostly vacant spaces.

2. Scour the internet for available properties that are for sale or lease. Another great way to search especially if you’re interested in limiting your possibilities to only commercial properties that are being advertised.

3. Hire an experienced Tenant Representative who works exclusively for you and is paid through money already allocated within the transaction. A Tenant Rep has complete access to the larger databases used by Commercial Brokers and Developers, has established alliances with local Investors, is well-networked with most local Commercial Brokers and Agents, and is connected to the Commercial Property Management Companies who service portfolios for shopping centers, industrial buildings, office buildings and investment trusts. More importantly, an experienced Tenant Rep understands the common pitfalls associated with complicated commercial leases, proposals, and agreements.

Send a request to me and I’ll forward a few links that many clients use use to locate some listings that are available for sale or lease. It’s fast and it’s free!  Or better yet, I’ll use all my resources to locate the best possibilities and the best deals out there!

Not ready to have a meaningful conversation with an experienced, knowledgeable agent? Go to the KW Commercial website to begin your own search. When you arrive on the homepage, click on the Search Listings icon on the left side of the page.

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